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Beautifull nature, best views and medieval castles
Briefly about Svaneti..
Svaneti, the land of "Golden Fleece" and middle-aged towers, lies in the highlands of Western Georgia, 1600-244 m above sea level.
Mestia, surrounded by 5000m high peaks is a perfect starting point for most of the routses.
Ushguli, the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe, is a must see place in 3hours ride from Mestia.
The road from Zugdidi to Mestia is interesting by itself and filled with beautifull views, but it's quite exhausting - so it's better to plan at least 4-5 days for your trip to Svaneti.
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Best time for visit is June to September. Even in summer the temperature doesn's get higher than 30 degree by celsius, and it can be quite cool in the nighttime.
Day 1. Kutaisi-Mestia, Enguri HPP
In spite of long distances, you will get lots of impressions: we will stop at a picturesque reastaurant, taste local meals, and take a walk along the beautifull Enguri HPP.
During the tip our guide will tell you about local traditions and dfferences between georgian regions.
Enguri HPP, Svaneti
Day 2. Trekking to Chalaadi glacier.
Today we'll go to the Chalaadi Glacier along the Mestiachala river (the route is 8 km long, the trip takes 3 to 4 hours, elevation is insignificant).
More experienced hikers can take a trek to Koruldi lakes ( 2740m above sea level). The route is 15km long, duration 8-10 hours, height difference is 1300m.
In the evening we will learn about local life and culture in the ancient svan house of Margianis Machubi and enjoy the views over Mestia from the medieval svan tower.
Chalaadi glacier, Svaneti
Day 3. Jeep-tour to Ushguli village.
Ushguli, the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe, lies on the height of 2200 m above sea level and includes 4 villages. After an exciting 2-hours jeep ride we will take a walk along the villages: see twin-tower, Lower Chazhashi castle, old frescoes in Lamaria church.
After lunch we will climb the hill to Upper Chazhashi castle which is believed to be summer residence of the Queen Tamar. Or we can have a horse ride and get closer to the Shkhara Glacier.
Ushguli village, Svaneti
Day 4. Mazeri waterfalls, Hatsvali cable car.
Today we will have the hardest but the most beautifull hike: we will start from Mazeri village (where the easiest route to Ushba glacier begins), follow the banks of Dolra River and hike to beatifull Mazeri waterfalls surrounded by alpine meadows and snow-caped mountain peaks. Length of the trek is 18km, duration 6-8 hours.
We will ascend to Hatsvali viewpoint (2400m above sea level) by a ropeway. Enjoy breathtaking views of Ushba and have a lunch in Zuruldi cafe.
In case of bad weather conditions we can visit the National Museum of Mestia that keeps rech collections of treasures, manuscripts, weaponry, jewellery, musical instruments and historical photos.
Mazeri Shdugra waterfall, Svaneti
Day 5. Way back, Martvili canyon.
If the sky is clear from clouds, you can take a flight to Kutaisi or Natatkhtari (0,5h from Tbilisi) by a 17-seated Sessna (needs to be booked in advance, cost is 40 USD/one way).
We promise you will get unforgettable impressions!
Otherwise you can come back with a driver, on the way back we can stop in Martvili canyons or visit Dadiani residence in Zugdidi.
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