Where to have a really
tasty meal
in Tbilisi?

Top 10 most delicious places of the capital
"Where to eat?"
- Anticipating the question that is most frequently asked by our travelers, we have created a rating of the most delicious places of the capital.
The restaurant is located alongside the road right against the Dry Bridge.
Megruli Sahli +995 591 03 43 43
Address: 31 Atoneli st.
Apart from the classical Georgian cuisine, you can taste real masterpieces of the Megrelian cuisine based on fresh sulguni cheese. Megrelians have a true passion for spicy meat dishes, so it is advised to ask your waiter about the quantity of pepper in the dish before you order.
What to order: kupati, gebjalia, elarji, gomi, vegetable salad with egg-plant and Megrelian khachapuri. A lot of people like barbecue there.
It is not easy to find this restaurant: you have to ascend from the Metekhi church and turn to a narrow street coming to the reception desk of the Old Kopala hotel.
Kopala Restaurant +995 322 77 55 20
Address: 8/10 Chekov st.
Everything is just perfect here: the terrace with a panoramic view of the Old City, a softly playing piano in the evening, great choice of wines and tasty Georgian cuisine.
What to order: sulguni with nadugi, vegetable salad, ojakhuri, egg-plant with walnuts. And even the Greek salad is worth trying :)
The restaurant is located to the left from the baths area, it is very convenient to eat there after the city tour around Tbilisi.
Maspindzelo +995 322 30 30 30
Address: 7 Gorgasali st.
Are in the mood for romance?
Visit the Maspindzelo restaurant located nearby the Sulphur baths.
«A wonderful yard right in the heart of the Old city, great musicians – especially the violin player – nice waiters, amazing...»
What to order: kebab, khinkali, trout in a pomegranate sauce.
!! The place is popular even with the locals, so it is better to reserve a table beforehand.
Barbarestan, 132 Agmashenebeli ave.
A cozy family restaurant with its own legend: everything here is cooked according to a culinary book issued in 1914 and written by Princess Barbare Eristavi (the book is still safekept in the restaurant).
Excellent service, cozy atmosphere, great wine list. Live music and singing to a guitar.
What to order: fried onion with nuts, pelamushi cake from the chef, trout in a nut sauce, pomegranate lemonade, eggplant satsivi.
The Kakhelebi restaurant at Beliashvili st.
If you believe that the food is the most important thing in a restaurant, then this place is right for you. The products are delivered from the restaurant's own farm in Kakheti: vegetables, fruits and even nuts are local.
The menu is regularly updated depending on the season and harvest. There are no professional cooks, all are self-trained enthusiasts and cook with all their heart. For example, the baker is also a professional flute player and he sometimes plays for the guests.
What to order: stewed baby goat in a tomato sauce, fresh cheeses, green salad with strawberry pastille.
Please do not confuse it with a restaurant with the same name located in the city center next to the Sulphur baths, but the quality of food is much worse there.
Pasanauri khinkali house
37/46 Griboedov st.
In Georgia they say that the best khinkali are cooked in the village of Pasanauri. But if you are staying in the capital, the Pasanauri restaurant would be a good option.
«It is important to understand that it is not a touristic place. It is a great restaurant intended in the first place for Tbilisi residents, with good and tasty food. The service is slow in a Georgian fashion, but welcoming».
The only things that are different at the first three khinkali houses are prices and design, they all share the same kitchen, so choose any of your preference.
Khinkali houses «At the Veliaminov's»
If you are heading from the Liberty square to the Leselidze street, turn right to a humble street with several cellars alongside, each of them is always full.
In the 19th century this street was famous with its khinkali houses and many of them are still working nowadays. An interesting fact is that in that time women were forbidden to enter the khinkali houses, and men ate khinkali standing around the tall tables. Some kind of a men's club.
What to order: khinkali, salad, snacks with beer or lemonade. For wine and barbecue it's better to go to a restaurant.
The restaurant is located at the city's exit, around 20-minute drive from the center. Average price of a taxi is 8 to 10 lari.
Adress: Beliashvili str.
It's a restaurant-museum located at the place of a destroyed mill and is named after it.
Now the territory is decorated with a waterfall, a mill, a natural rock and many other interesting things. But this place is most loved for its folklore show with music and dances that starts every evening at 8 pm.
Food and service are on a very high level
Funicular cafe and restaurant
Address: the funicular upper station
No visit to Tbilisi can be done without going to this place with the legendary doughnuts (they are even better than in the Gabriadze café, we have compared!).
The café is located on the ground floor of the funicular's station and offers tables on the terrace with one of the best views of the city. Кафе находится на первом этаже станции канатки (наверное все-таки фуникулера ????)
What to order: doughnuts, kebab, ajaruli khachapuri, achma.

Dadi Wine Bar +995 557 96 20 95
Address: 4 Shalva Dadiani st.
If unusual wines are what you have to Georgia for, then go here first and foremost! Dina and Alexander have travelled the country far and wide searching for the best qvevri wines and now everyone has a chance to try rare tannin wines that can be hardly found in Tbilisi shops.
What to order: plate of rare Georgian cheeses, signature desserts – Saperavi cake, syrniki with nadugi, granola with matsoni.
Cafe Littera +995 595 03 11 12
Address: 13 Ivan Machabeli st.
The café located in the former luxurious mansion of Ivan Sarajishvili and the current Writer's house has won popularity with the Georgian fashionable society a long time ago. Having passsed through the arch you will get into a fairytale inner yard with curvy paths, brick walls and century-old trees.
Georgian #1 Chef – Takuna Gachechiladze – works here.
What to order: tartar with ajika, river trout carpacchio, warm salad with Kakhetian greens, nadugi cheesecake.
PurPur café +995 322 47 77 76
Address: 1 Abo Tbileli st.

A sweet place styled as an old Tbilisi apartment. From Thursday to Sunday live music plays and perfectly works with wine and pear with custard.
The cuisine in the restaurant is generally French with local elements.
What to order: the PupPur sour with fresh vegetables and cedar nuts.
You can contact us:
+7 977 137 00 40 (Russia)
+ 995 557 756 023 (Georgia)
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